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WEB PCN have partnered with HeadsUp, a mental health awareness community interest company that provides mental health support to young people in schools across Devon and in Worcester.

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HeadsUp offer free sessions to get young people confident in talking about mental health, empower and equip them to look after their mental health and education on the positive relationship between mental and physical health.  They provide:

  • Evidence based 1:1 / small group interventions for students
  • Group and class sessions
  • Referral onward when further targeted or clinical support might be needed
  • Liaison with external agencies where necessary

The WEB PCN have commissioned HeadsUp to provide their service to students within the WEB schools and colleges.  The programme aims to help young people avoid arriving at crisis point, to be more resilient and to seek assistance early.  It promotes healthy lifestyles and positive mental health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the services HeadsUp offer their website is available here


The Wave Project

Over the past 10 years, surf therapy has become an established form of therapeutic support for both mental and physical health. WEB PCN are a referral partner for the Wave Project who provide surf therapy programmes to young people aged 8 to 21 who experience a range of physical and mental health issues, social deprivation or social isolation.

The project offers the opportunity to participate in a specialised surf therapy session for six weeks. Each young person is paired with a volunteer surf mentor and receives one-to-one support appropriate to their needs for the duration of the course.

This service is chargeable.

Referrals can be made by a GP through The Wave Project website


Young Devon

Young Devon are commissioned to provide counselling and wellbeing support to students in Exmouth Community College.  Wellbeing practitioners are based in the college and able to offer face to face and virtual individual CBT sessions, wellbeing conversations and counselling support.

Wellbeing conversations can also be provided to the parents of students, where needed, for ideas of how they can support at home, as well as signposting to online materials and ongoing support for themselves and their children.

A young person can be referred by their GP or a young person or parent can download the enquiry form from Young Devon's website, or call on 08082 810155. Alternatively an ECC student can speak to their Pastoral Support Assistant who will help them make a referral.

To find out more about the services Young Devon offer their website is available here


Starting Point

Single Point of Access for Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health

Starting Point is a single point of access service for children and young people aged 4-17 years who are struggling with their mental health. They have an open referral system, which allows anybody who knows or works with that child or young person to refer. This includes self-referrals from the young people themselves. This service covers the WEB (Woodbury, Exmouth and Budleigh) area.

Starting Point work with a variety of organisations that can offer support in different ways and the team will be able to provide support and advice and will assist the child or young person to reach the most appropriate service to meet their needs. They can help the individual or family to access services by supporting them with referrals, attending meetings, and working closely with schools.

Find out more and how you can self-refer

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